Indivisible Lincoln Square (ILS) encourages members to serve on one or more ILS committees, as described below. The Administration and Membership committees are suitable for people who can't commit a set amount of time every week but want to help out from time to time.

Committee Descriptions


Committee to Change Congress

The Indivisible Lincoln Square (ILS) Change Congress Committee (CCC) primarily works to
help local Northside residents get involved in the 2018 campaigns that are most likely to make a
difference in bringing about a Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives and
Senate. Further, the Committee meetings are used to share a variety of sources of information to
help ILS members discern where and how an investment of their time and energy can have the
most impact in bringing about a Democratic Congressional majority in 2018. Strategies include:

  • Coordinating with community district coalitions and candidates’ campaigns by facilitating transportation for canvassing.
  • Setting up phone banking sessions.
  • Postcard writing for voter turnout.

Meets once per month. Chair: Kevin Limbeck.



Deep dive research, prepare items for Weekly Update. This is a new committee, expected to meet once per month. Chair: Jill Sellers.


Health Care Committee

The Indivisible Lincoln Square (ILS) Health Care Committee focuses on fighting current attacks on health care while promoting policies that are proactive in improving health care for all regardless of income. Health care issues we focus on include  ACA defense and improvement, Medicaid, Comprehensive Universal Health Care for all, pharmacy costs, women’s issues in health care.

Strategies include:

  • Sponsoring forums in the neighborhood.
  • Holding discussions with Congressional representatives.
  • Interacting with health care coalitions.
  • Providing information to state representatives on a wide variety of health care issues.
  • Phone banking, letter writing, and social media.

Meets as needed. Chair: Geri Kahn.


Membership Committee

The Indivisible Lincoln Square (ILS) Membership Committee is charged with attracting
and retaining ILS members by:

  • Discussing how best to promote our own goals and support the mission of ILS.
  • Producing materials we identify as useful to ILS: for example, new member letter, ILS talking points (elevator pitch), surveys, emails about monthly meeting and special event emails.
  • Developing surveys to find out what issues participants feel are most pressing and what activities they want to engage in.
  • Informing participants at all levels about upcoming meetings and activities.
  • Using a variety of communications media to remind, prompt, and inform.
  • Connecting personally with new attendees at meetings.

Meets as needed. Chair: Kim Hines.


Steering Committee

The Indivisible Lincoln Square (ILS) Steering Committee provides administrative oversight to ILS by:

  • Coordinating the activities of the other ILS committees, for example:
    • by facilitating appropriate access of a committee to member email addresses (which are maintained by the Membership Committee),
    • by deciding when to bring a policy proposal from a committee to the general membership for a vote,
    • by approving the posting on the ILS website of committee work products
  • Setting the overall priorities of ILS, specifically
    • by formally approving, at Steering Committee meetings, proposals for initiatives and activities that come before the Committee,
    • by formally approving, at Steering Committee meetings, initiatives and activities proposed by Steering Committee members, along with appointing the lead person(s) for undertaking those initiatives and activities.
  • Aligning initiatives with the ILS mission and priorities in accordance with the Operating Model for Initiatives.
  • Setting the agenda of general membership meetings.
  • Serving as liaison with Indivisible Chicago and other Indivisible and progressive groups.

Currently, any active ILS member may attend Steering Committee meetings.

Meets once per month. Chair: Jessica Droeger.


Weekly Update

Research and prepare the Weekly Update newsletter.

Chair: Bill Sellers.



Help schedule & set up for meetings, prepare and post meeting agendas and minutes, help publicize ILS events, help with other administrative tasks.

Chair: Jessica Droeger.