6:00 PM18:00

Indivisible Chicago - Take Back the House Working Group

At this meeting we will form a leadership team and committees who will be tasked with setting up future actions such as canvassing, postcard sessions, phone banking, text banking, and more. The next 90 days will be a big drive into the election and we need a determined and active team ready to create opportunities for people to volunteer.

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Power to the Polls Wisconsin: Vote!
12:00 PM12:00

Power to the Polls Wisconsin: Vote!

Women's March is bringing Power to the Polls to Wisconsin! Power To The Polls is a campaign to fight voter suppression and build electoral power for women, people of color and impacted communities across the country. We are engaging 10 priority states on a national tour to register, educate, and mobilize voters to take action in the 2018 midterm elections.

Two weeks ahead of the Wisconsin Primary the tour will come to Milwaukee to ramp up energy for the progressive vote!



  • Rachel Carmona, Women’s March COO
  • Nantasha Williams, Women’s March Political Co-Lead
  • Sabrina Madison, Progress Center for Black Women Founder
  • Khary Penebaker, Everytown for Gun Safety Survivor Fellow
  • Tatiana Washington, High School Democrats of WI Development Director
  • Alemitu Caldart, Selame Caldart, Hiwot Schultz, 50 Miles More Activists
  • Stephanie Vang, Women’s March WI Northern Regional Director
  • Violet Kilmurray, Women’s March WI State Co-Chair
  • Sarah Pearson, Women’s March WI State Co-Chair
  • Stephanie Ortiz, Women’s March WI Director of Outreach
  • Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC)
  • Indivisible Madison
  • Wisconsin NOW

The day will include speakers, performances, canvassing, phone and text banking, postcard writing, fellowship and more. Additional details will will be posted to the Facebook event.

Wisconsin’s marginalized and progressive communities have been attacked by voter suppression efforts—the same voter suppression that impacted the 2016 election results. There’s too much at stake in this primary to sit on the sidelines. We have a real chance to build a progressive majority that will fight for the people. This year, we won special elections in Wisconsin Senate Districts 1 and 10, and we elected Rebecca Dallet to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Voters are saying NO to the racist, sexist, xenophobic, ableist, and transphobic policies of the Trump administration and majority in Congress.

We can win by amplifying the voices and power of women in the electoral space, supporting local grassroots leaders, and electing more women and people of color to public office. Be a part of the movement for victory by registering for the Wisconsin Power To The Polls tour stop today!

In community,

Nantasha Williams, Women's March

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7:00 PM19:00

Indivisible Lincoln Square - Change Congress Committee

Indivisible Lincoln Square
Change Congress Committee (CCC) Meeting
Please join us at the next meeting of the CCC on Tuesday, April 17 at
7:00 pm at the Sulzer Library to learn and discuss how we can be help
defeat Paul Ryan and other Republicans in the upcoming congressional
Two candidates are running in the Wisconsin 1 st Congressional District
Democratic Primary: Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers. Read the April 5 NY
article about this important challenge to the future of the
Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Randy Bryce
has agreed to find a time this spring to meet with the CCC, and we have
also extended a meeting invitation to Cathy Myers.
In the meantime, Rob Hanson, Deputy Campaign Manager for Randy
Bryce will drive down from Wisconsin to join us on April 17 and begin
discussing with us what we can do to be most effective in supporting
Randy Bryce if he wins the democratic primary.
Your ideas and active participation now in planning how to get a large
number of volunteers from Chicago’s Northside out and active in
support of progressive candidates in key elections can make a real
difference in changing the leadership of Congress in November.
-- Kevin

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5:00 PM17:00

The Indivisible Chicago Summit

Register here

Admission is free, although we suggest a donation of $10 to help us reach our goal of $10,000 to cover the cost of the event. Click here to donate.

It's officially 2018 and that means one thing: the midterms are coming! Indivisible Chicago is teaming up with Let America Vote, Chicago Votes, Voto Latino, Swing Left, Flippable, and more to ensure the coming election is not just a Blue Wave, but a Blue Tsunami. Join us for the first All-Chicago Indivisible meeting in over a year! We will gather together to re-energize, re-engage, and re-orient towards taking back the House and Senate in 2018. We will hear from the leaders in progressive, grassroots election organizing and find out how Indivisible Chicago can take action and take back Congress.

We will win in 2018. We will finally have a real check on the executive branch. And you can make a difference.

Speakers Include

  • Jason Kander, Let America Vote

  • Stevie Valles, Chicago Votes

  • Angelica Magaña, Voto Latino

  • Ezra Levin, Indivisible

  • Catherine Vaughan, Flippable

  • Adrienne Lever, Swing Left

...and more!

The main program will run from 5pm-7pm with a reception afterwards from 7pm-8pm to meet local neighborhood chapters and other local organizers.

And join us from 4pm-4:45pm for a special panel discussing Millennials in politics with our guests Nicole Johnson, Bushra Amiwala, and Ugo Okere.

Nicole is a native of the Englewood community on Chicago's southside and aldermanic candidate. Bushra, age 19, is a DePaul student and also running for Cook County Commissioner. Ugo, age 21, is a Loyola student, 40th Ward community Organizer, and an Aldermanic candidate.

Seating will be first come, first serve. A ticket does not guarantee a seat in the main room, but we have ample overflow room in the beautiful Malcolm X auditorium with theatre viewing. Free parking included with the event in the adjoining parking garage.

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7:00 PM19:00

ILS - Committee to Change Congress

The CCC primarily works to help local Northside residents get involved in the 2018 campaigns that are most likely to make a difference in bringing about a Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives and Senate. Further, the Committee meetings are used to share a variety of sources of information to help ILS members discern where and how an investment of their time and energy can have the most impact in bringing about a Democratic Congressional majority in 2018. Strategies include: coordinating with community district coalitions and candidates’ campaigns by facilitating transportation for canvassing, setting up phone banking sessions, and postcard writing for voter turnout.

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8:00 AM08:00

Train and Canvass with ILS Committee to Change Congress

  • 6th District communities of DuPage County (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Dear Indivisible LS Change Congress Committee Member (and those who want to become members),

At the January 31 Committee meeting, Reid McCollum, the leader of the Coalition for a Better Il. 6th Congressional District, stated that door-to-door deep canvassing may become an important part of the strategy to help conservative voters reconsider how they will vote in the upcoming congressional election. Deep Canvassing differs from the usual campaign canvass in that the canvasser spends more time listening and sharing personal concerns with Trump voters, seeking to persuade them to put a check on Trump through their 2018 congressional voting choice.

Over the last 3 months, some of us have been testing and adapting the deep canvassing approach in the 6th District communities of DuPage County. If you would like to learn more about this approach and give it a try, please join me at a 90 minute training and 90 minutes of canvassing and debriefing in the western suburbs this Saturday, February 24. We would like to organize a car pool leaving Chicago at 8:00 am and returning at 2:30 pm. The weather is projected to be very nice on Saturday—the low 40s!

Please let me know by noon on Thursday if you would like to join us so we can set up enough transportation: krlimbeck@gmail.com or 773 809-9839.

Please note that the next Indivisible LS Change Congress Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, March 1st from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Sulzer Library. A portion of the meeting will also be used for deep canvassing orientation and training. Please let us know if you will attending on March 1st: krlimbeck@gmail.com or 773 809-9839.

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8:00 PM20:00

Immigrant Rights Task Force

Our neighbors need your help. Join our first meeting of the Immigrant Rights Task Force!

If you’re concerned about what is happening in this nation regarding DACA and you’ve been feeling like you want to do something, join us this coming Tuesday. We’re forming a team of concerned citizens who can help us wield the same influence on this issue that we’ve had on past issues such as healthcare and voting rights.

Why should you join?
Trump rescinded DACA protections in September, leaving Congress six months to act. As expected, Congress has so far failed to protect undocumented Americans – and that’s what they are. Our country made a promise under President Obama to protect those who have grown up here, gone to the same schools, hold the same values, and pay the same taxes. They’ve held up their end of the bargain, while our nation has once again broken its promises.

Starting March 5th, as many as 1,200 people per day could lose their protected status. If you think our government wouldn’t actually deport these folks and rip families apart, this Administration has already deported twice as many people with no criminal record as the previous Administration. It’s already happening and it’s potentially about to get a lot worse.

What will we do?
It doesn’t matter what your current knowledge of this issue is or what your background or experience is. We’ve started as novices on every single issue we’ve tackled so far. Indivisible Chicago is working on many issues and our biggest need on this one is simply people who care, who show up, and who can give us even a little time. We are working with activists who are directly affected by these policies so we're not working in a vacuum. A little work from a lot of people can bring about surprising results. 

The types of things we’ll need help range from: Basic research/news monitoring, idea generation, writing/editing communications, developing strategies, helping with events or phone banks, spreading the word about events, coordinating with allies in this space, to things we don’t even know we need yet. There’s always something for everyone.

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7:00 PM19:00

Cook County Assessor Candidate Roundtable

Join us as at the Irish American Heritage Center's pub as we learn more about the Cook County Assessor position from the candidates and how this often overlooked position directly impacts our pocketbooks, school funding, and even our state politics. This is an incredibly important race that impacts all of us.

Come prepared with your questions and stick around afterward to have a pint with your fellow neighbors, resisters, and candidates.

We'll update this invitation soon with confirmed candidates. Roundtable is 7 to 8pm with social hour 8 to 9pm.

Make sure you follow the link to RSVP and get your ticket! RSVP here! 

View Facebook event here.


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7:00 PM19:00

Indivisible LS - Committee to Change Congress

Help Change Congress for the Better

In less than 10 months, the American people will have the opportunity to stand up and put in place a major check on Trump’s and the Republican Party’s dangerous and regressive policies. The U.S. House of Representatives can become a majority Democratic controlled legislative body by shifting 24 congressional seats currently held by Republicans.

There are several Republican held congressional districts in or near the Metropolitan Chicago area that are prime targets for change in November. Indivisible Lincoln Square is forming a new committee to help interested individuals get involved in bringing about change in some of these nearby districts.
Actions from now until November are sure to include:

--Coordinating with local districts’ action coalitions and congressional campaigns;
--Canvassing door-to-door;
--Phone Banking;
--Writing postcards to potential voters, and more.

If you are interested in getting involved in planning for this effort, please join us at the first meeting of the Indivisible Lincoln Square “Committee to Change Congress” which will be held on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Sulzer Library.

If you have questions about the committee or postcard writing event you can contact Kevin Limbeck at krlimbeck@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you in action throughout 2018!

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6:45 PM18:45

Indivisble LS - Bi-monthly meeting with guest speaker Paul Rosenfeld

"All Politics is Local" - How does it work in the 47th Ward.
Speaker Paul Rosenfeld Democratic Committeeman 47th Ward

What is political party's ward structure and process? 
How does it relate to party organization city/state/county?
How does it relate to our governmental structures from our Alderman on up?
What are the activities and tools that are used in elections from endorsement, petitioning, canvassing, getting out the vote, etc?

What does this have to do with us getting the type of government we want?

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11:00 AM11:00

Indivisible at the Women's March Chicago

Join Indivisible groups across Illinois as we meet downtown to March in solidarity with our follow members of The Resistance.

It’s been been quite a year and Indivisible has grown into one of the largest and most impactful grassroots political organizations in America. Let’s demonstrate our commitment to our progressive values and march as one.

Join this event on facebook.

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