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Canvassing in Milwaukee - Heartland Resistance Coalition

The Heartland Resistance Coalition invites you to canvass with us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the goal of fighting voter suppression and burdensome voter id restrictions by working together to get out the vote prior to the Midterm elections. 

We will be campaigning for Democratic candidates for Senator, Governor, Sheriff and others.  Help us defeat union-busting, Gov. Scott Walker, and support Sen. Tammy Baldwin against the Koch Brothers’ funding of her competitor. “Koch groups spend more than $6 million against Sen. Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin” Link Sen. Baldwin is currently listed as the 8th most at-risk Senator in 2018 as designated by Roll Call, Link

We had a positive experience canvassing with Women’s March WI and BLOC prior to the primary there last month and look forward to returning.

We will arrange carpools if there is an abundance of interest.  The Democratic party of Wisconsin has agreed to assist us with coordination and organizing.

DATE: Sunday, October 21st)

TIME FRAME: Departing at 8:30am, Return TBD


ACTION STEPS: Please let me know if you are interested in joining us.  We also ask that you forward this to other interested parties to help get out the vote in Wisconsin.

Additional dates may be added depending upon interest.

Thank you for your consideration of this important and consequential opportunity. 

Rose Colacino Carlson
Co-founder Heartland Resistance Coalition, Member Indivisible Lincoln Square, Member Indivisible Lincoln Park Lakeview, Member Indivisible Chicago Take Back Congress

Mobile: 773.343.9849

Twitter: @RoseCar1989