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Swing Left - Last Weekend

Across the country, Swing Left volunteers like you have been knocking doors and calling voters in critical Swing Districts since February 2017. We’ve been doing this work because we know that along with grassroots fundraising, talking to voters is what wins elections.

But did you know there’s one particular time that voter contact matters more than any other—when those conversations will have the greatest impact?

It’s the last the four days before Election Day (November 6th). That’s why Swing Left and 23 other leading progressive grassroots groups are joining forces for the first time, to create a mass movement of volunteer action when it’s most critical.

Together we’re calling it The Last Weekend. Will you sign up to be there when it matters most—on The Last Weekend before the midterm elections?


Why are we asking you to commit now to volunteering four months from now? Two important reasons:

By signing up early, you’ll be connected immediately with actions you can take between now and November 6th as well as training resources to help make the most of your time and energy. Also, tallying volunteer sign-ups now will help campaigns plan for the resources they can expect in November.

Swing Left volunteers are already out there doing incredible work—rallying their communities, growing the on-the-ground teams in our Swing Districts, and building the infrastructure to handle the wave of volunteers that will turn out on The Last Weekend.

Let’s inspire thousands more to get involved, too—and put a million volunteer hours on the clock on The Last Weekend before the midterm elections.

Join other volunteers from Swing Left, March On, MoveOn, Indivisible, Organizing for Action, Latino Victory, Flippable, and many other awesome organizations—and be part of the largest-ever volunteer initiative for a midterm election. Stand up and be counted. Commit your volunteer time on The Last Weekend now.