Our Mission

Indivisible Lincoln Square seeks to create a more just society through progressive values and grassroots engagement.

We are a volunteer group on the north side of Chicago. We:

  • Educate ourselves and our neighbors about current political issues
  • Organize grass roots activities aligned with our progressive values
  • Engage with our elected public official s

We educate, organize and engage by:

  • Defending democratic institutions and employing democratic principles in everything we do
  • Resisting regressive policies and actions
  • Defining and promoting progressive policies goals and strategies in support of our mission
  • Using evidence-based research and education
  • Developing expertise on specific strategies, tactics, and policy goals (we are a learning organization)
  • Partnering and supporting other groups who have goals that are aligned with ours
  • Providing rapid grassroots response to time sensitive issues 
  • Seeking out and include diverse voices and looking for ways to amplify marginal voices
  • Looking at issues and strategies through a racially and economically just and equitable lens (progressive values)
  • Interacting with public servants to hold them accountable for furthering a progressive agenda
  • Acting on issues of importance locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Encouraging the development of members to participate in our group and grassroots activities
  • Working toward gender and sexual equity