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Text Banking

  • Indivisible National runs a text banking program called IndivisiText. It is dedicated primarily to texting candidates that Indivisible has officially endorsed. For instructions on how to get set up with IndivisiText, see this step-by-step guide. This effort requires the Hustle app on either an Android phone or an iPhone. Text recipients do not have access to your phone number. To get new assignments, go to the campaign tracker, select a campaign, and let Allie know in the Welcome channel on Slack that you’re ready to text.

  • Beto O’Rourke is running hard against Ted Cruz in Texas. His campaign has set up a massive text banking effort using Relay (which sends text from your computer). To sign up, go here.

  • Red2Blue offers texting opportunities using Relay and Slack. They have a list of about 30 candidates in Congressional, state and some municipal races across the country. Go here to get started. To get a new assignment for a particular candidate, go to the Texting channel in the Red2Blue-elections workspace in Slack (on your computer) and click on “R2B-Dashboard” near the top of the channel; then select the appropriate candidate guide link in the browser window and click on the URL that pops up just above. The guide document will have a link for setting up a Relay account for that campaign.

  • Starting in October, Build the Wave will start texting programs for 25 selected candidates, including Lauren Underwood and Randy Bryce. They will focus heavily on Millennial and Generation-Z voters, and the texting can be done either by phone or computer. To sign up, go here and select Volunteer.

  • MoveOn has a goal of texting all Democrats to encourage them to vote. They use Slack and their own texting tool called Spoke. Go here to get started. 

  • Open Progress has extensive texting opportunities, including one for Kwame Raoul. They use Slack and an on-line program called Knock (on the computer, not your phone). Go here to get started. 

 [NOTE: If you learn of any other text banking opportunities that should be added to this list, or would like additional information about text banking, contact Rose Colacino]