Operating Model for Initiatives

Initiatives are the means that Indivisible Lincoln Square (ILS) uses to accomplish its mission. Typically an initiative will focus on an issue that ILS wants to act on, such as working for universal healthcare, ending Crosscheck, securing general election votes, fighting discriminatory housing practices, etc. Initiatives will often result in events (such as a public educational forum, a postcard writing party or a meet-and-greet for a member of Congress) and activities (such as a voter registration drive or a protest demonstration).

Initiatives can be proposed by any ILS member, in many different ways: at an ILS meeting, by submitting a proposal to the ILS email address, or by contacting a member of the ILS Steering Committee. Regardless of the route, the proposed initiative will usually be considered by the ILS Steering Committee at their next meeting. If approved, the proposing member will be notified that they can go ahead as Team Leader for that initiative.

As the name implies, the Team Leader will almost always put a team together to work on the initiative. To do this, and to assist with other aspects of accomplishing an initiative, ILS has designated Facilitators. A Facilitator is the contact person for key mechanisms that a team might use. Currently there are Facilitators for Membership, Podcasts, Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Visual Media; additional Facilitators will be signed up as needed. The ILS Steering Committee will help Team Leaders connect with Facilitators.

To help recruit volunteers for the team, the Team Leader might ask the Facilitator for Membership to send an email to members who have previously indicated an interest in similar initiatives. Once the team has been formed, the members will agree on the steps or actions needed to move forward, and perhaps divide up tasks. Other Facilitators may be called on to help as needed. In other words, Team Leaders always have lots of help!

Once the initiative is done, the Team Leader will let the Steering Committee know the results, including what went well and what didn’t go so well. More complex initiatives can sometimes necessitate periodic consultation with the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee’s function is to help teams succeed, both now and in the future (see attached graphic).


ILS operating model pic.JPG