Indivisible Lincoln Square Position on Tax Reform

The federal GOP tax plan benefits the  wealthy and large corporations at the expense of working families and small businesses. The Illinois flat-rate income tax is regressive and unjust in that it requires people of all income levels to pay the same rate. Accordingly, Indivisible Lincoln Square advocates for:

  • Real tax reform that ensures working families and small businesses are the main beneficiaries of tax cuts ;
  • Progressive personal tax rates at both the federal and state level;
  • Corporate rates that ensure big business will pay its fair share of the tax burden; and
  • Tax rates that are sufficient to pay for existing programs designed to assist lower and middle income tax payers.


Recommended Actions (not intended to be exhaustive)

  • Sign up for blue state to red state phone banking
  • Organize/attend training for canvassing, both regular and deep
  • Canvass against Roskam in the 6th district
  • Work with the Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th on canvassing and protesting Roskam
  • Register voters, especially in blue collar/low income neighborhoods to get out anti-Rauner voters
  • Meet with Quigley (and possibly Durbin, Duckworth in conjunction with Indivisible Chicago) to press our position and ask what their positions are
  • Produce and distribute a flyer with educational points and call to action
  • Write newsletter articles, emphasizing facts not opinions [see write-up here on countering Republican false claims]